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It's time to get moving on the project. It looked like this at about 4:00 pm on 11/13/05

...and here it is the same afternoon at about 6:10 pm ! That was easy .

This is the 3.9L V-6 that was removed. It was knocking pretty bad and lost oil pressure a few times the last time I drove the truck.

11/14/05 ....This was the first test fitting of the 440 into the truck.

Another view

The brake booster was removed for more valve cover clearance and a billet mount for the manual master cylinder has been made, but not pictured here.

Here is the driver's side mock up mount.

The passenger side mock up mount. The compact design of the adapter mounts will leave plenty of room for headers. These mounts will be available sometime in the fall of 2006 through Magnum HP Inc.

Here's 3 sets of freshly welded driver's side adapter brackets

and 3 sets of the passenger side adapter brackets


This is a set of finished engine mount brackets installed on the shop truck.

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